Big Data, ETL and Data Visualization Solutions

With AximCloud, when data volume grows, you no longer have to choose between slow query performance or time and effort on an expensive upgrade process.

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on maintaining complicated data warehouses? AximCloud can help your organization drive innovation with scalable services for data collection, storage, integration, analytics and collaboration.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

Big Data

Petabyte scale data warehousing for all. Amazon Redshift provides on-demand access to high performance, parallel queries on columnar data. Provision elastic, managed data warehousing clusters with built-in encryption and backup in minutes while plugging in certified business intelligence tools such as Microstrategy, Jaspersoft, Pentaho and Tableau.

  • 1/10 of the cost of traditional data warehouse systems
  • No upfront fees
  • Get started quickly
  • Easily scale up or down
  • Get started for less than $1/hour

Work with our Solution Experts

Our solutions experts have deep knowledge of AWS technologies and system architecture. Work with our team to build the most cost effective architecture that grows with your data needs. Let AximCloud provide your business with a data warehousing and information system solution plan and services to mine your data more effectively. Our projects will include aspects of design, development, deployment and training services for a solution that warehouses data and exposes data downstream to reporting, query tools and APIs.

Work with Seasoned Big Data Professionals

Not only are we experts in the AWS big data solutions, but we have a deep understanding and experience in competing solutions of high volume, high capacity, highly availability data warehouses. We are skilled in dimensional data modeling/OLAP, data warehousing, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SSAS, MS SSAS, Oracle, DB2, Redshift, Hadoop frameworks, AWS RDS, ElasticMapReduce and DynamoDB.