Business Process and Workflow

Design, build and run process-based applications quickly and affordably in the Cloud using RunMyProcess.

AximCloud and RunMyProcess (RMP) offer a cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes with no hardware, no software and no coding.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

Business Process and Workflow

Thanks to a drag-and-drop interface and over 1,200 pre-configured connectors for SaaS and other applications, AximCloud and RMP let you rapidly build and deploy highly customized web user interfaces and business applications.

  • Drag and Drop: Create and edit your process by just dragging and dropping elements. Customizing a step is as easy as double clicking on it.
  • Forms: Design your form on the canvas. Customize it to suit your needs. Integrate CSS, AJAX and other technologies.
  • Process Library: Need help designing your process? The examples in the process library show you how to organize a wide range of processes.
  • Connectors: Integrate your process with SaaS and on-premises applications by using our vast collection of pre-configured connectors.
  • Quick Access: As the administrator, you have instant access to your most recently modified processes and services.
  • Get Help: To help you get started, a collection of video tutorials is available at any time. For more detailed assistance, consult the user guide or contact our support team.