Enterprise Search and eDiscovery

Breakthrough Enterprise Search and eDiscovery – in both Cloud or Hybrid Environments.

One of the few remaining challenges to routine enterprise-wide adoption of the AWS cloud is an effective eDiscovery and enterprise search capability across terabytes of active user data. Traditional enterprise search solutions, which are either hardware appliance-based or require a lengthy and intricate manual installation process, are non-starters for virtual environments – until now.

AximCloud and it's channel partners offer a game-changing enterprise search and eDiscovery solution allowing organizations to quickly search, identify, and act upon distributed data, whether it resides within the enterprise or within virtualized environments such as the AWS cloud. As a proud member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, Solutions are available for immediate, on-demand deployment for clients requiring powerful search or eDiscovery capabilities in AWS worldwide.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

Effective eDiscovery and Enterprise Search Solution

AximCloud Partner, X1 Discovery, unifies search across all critical business data such as local emails & files, webmail, network file shares, SharePoint sites, MS Exchange, PST files and Google docs. X1D’s very unique and compelling ability to install and fully operate within virtualized environments, enables organizations to address their globally distributed data in an efficient, expedient, defensible and highly cost-effective manner.

AximCloud and X1D together are problem solvers for your organization. With a simple and quick UI for your end users, rapid install on EC2 machines adjacent to your data and the ability to scale across multiple EC2 instances, X1D is a great solution for your organization. Let AximCloud’s expertise in the business help you implement these products.

Problems solved by AximCloud and X1D:

  • Cloud deployable and cloud optimized
  • Able to scale across multiple EC2 instances
  • Simple and rapid install on EC2 machines adjacent to your data
  • Designed to allow optional remote maintenance, configuration, or tuning
  • Simple and quick UI for your end user

Case Studies

eDiscovery: A Fortune 500 company that maintains approximately 10 terabytes of enterprise data in the Amazon Web Services public cloud receives an urgent eDiscovery preservation and collection requirement. Within minutes, X1 Rapid Discovery is launched within the company’s AWS instance and all 10 TB of data is indexed within 24 hours. This entire exercise takes place in the company’s instance of the cloud without exporting the data, saving weeks of time and tens of thousands of dollars in eDiscovery costs.

Enterprise Search: A mid-sized pharmaceutical firm requires an effective and federated search capability of three data clusters for over 1000 business professionals who need to search and retrieve the data on a routine basis. The firm is able to easily install and operate X1 Rapid Discovery within their instance of the AWS cloud and the data is indexed in place providing excellent search and retrieval speeds.